Code 4-3-2 in NY = Number 469 Hit Last Night

If you play the New York numbers and you got the hottest codes for this week the way I explained in the last few 7 Day Books (enter the last 60 codes on the Straight Group Matching 60 program to find the hottest 4-way and 3-way codes) you should have code 4-3-2 on your list for this week. I bring this up because the number that corresponds to code 432 hit New York last night. You can see that in the Revelation Box below (its the box for this week, Week 29). And yes, the number hit straight!

Code 432 = Number 469

29-New York Report for Apr 3 – Apr 9

0 3 8
1 1 9
2 6 4
4 4 5


See “Coding Secrets Revealed” at the end of Book-29 for more details.


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