Book-29: Supplementary Strategies Will be Removed

I just submitted Book-29 to Amazon so it should be up in an hour or two. Just do a search for “aanewyork book-29” later today and it should come right up. This book has MANY supplementary strategies at the end of the book. I suggest you buy this book because I will be removing these supplementary strategies starting from Book-30 (next Sunday) because the book is becoming too long (I include these strategies in every book and I keep adding to them every week; making every new book longer than the previous book). The PDF edition of the book is now about 120 pages with the 26 reports making the Kindle be around 200 pages (with the additional pages breaks).

If I keep going at this rate, the book will be 300 pages in a few weeks! So I will be removing these strategies and putting them on another book – so I suggest you get Book-29 because the supplementary strategies are Really GOOD. If you buy the Kindle, email me the verification code on the last page and I will email you the PDF edition of Book-29 (easier to read and navigate) PLUS I will add 30 days to your account. Email me at with the verification code you see on the last page on the subject line of your email (include the email you receipt you got from Amazon as well). 


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