915 just hit New York (TODAY) and 183 hit last night.

915 just hit New York (TODAY) and 183 hit last night.

Guess what?

I predicted BOTH of these numbers last Sunday (see previous post).

More Good News!
The Arizona 27 Report book is up on Amazon!


The California book will be up later today!


Oh…..I am working on a STRAIGHT Number System. But you will only hear about it AFTER I get a straight hit. I will keep you updated!

By the way, both my Sunday prediction and my (upcoming) Straight Number System are based on CODES; so it’s very important for you to learn about coding. That is why all the 27 Report books will have a Coding Test where I show you a Revelation Box and the numbers that hit during a week (these are the only 2 pieces of information you need to code numbers) and then I ask you 2 questions:

(1) What numbers hit in the Revelation Box?
(2) What are the codes for these numbers?

I explain the answer to both of these questions in detail in the books.

By the way…ALL the 27 Report books HERE

….will have the SAME test and content, only the 27 Reports will be unique, so you if you are in a rush to learn about coding, you can read the Arizona book (even if its not your state) and take the Coding Test near the end of the book and you will learn how to code numbers. I also include in all the 27 Reports books ADVANCED Coding Strategies.

Actually, there are 6 Bonus Strategies in these books….so you will get much more than just Summary Reports. I wrote a PDF describing these books. Click on the link below to open this PDF: 

Preview of the 27 Report Books-4-8

The most important thing is to have the last 60 codes for your state and put these in the Straight Group Matching program to get the hottest codes, and use these codes to get the hottest numbers for next week (using the last 60 numbers for your state starting from the Saturday before the start of the week.). I explain all of this in more detail in the 27 Report books. Expect to see at least 3 of these books coming out every week until they are all up (there will be at least 28 books).

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