The Top 10 States

Disregard the previous list of states I posted. This is the REAL list of the hottest states to play the 10 numbers I post for the week on Sunday. See the chart below. Next to each state I have the number of hits in the last 6 WEEKS. As you can see, Washington DC has gotten 10 hits in the last 6 weeks. If you look at the HIT REPORT for the last 6 weeks you will see that WASHINGTON DC has gotten one, two, or three hits EVERY WEEK. This means that if you are going to play the 10 numbers in just ONE state, make it Washington DC. The next best state is Pennsylvania. Then its Illinois, Maryland, and so forth. This basically means that if you want to play my numbers in several states, you should start from the top (Washinton DC) and work your way down.

Below are the numbers for this week for the top two states:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Keys 05319
Good for Sunday to Saturday (April 24-30)
013 015 019 035 039 059 135 139 159 359 (10)

Good for Sunday to Saturday (April 24-30)
013 017 018 037 038 078 137 138 178 378 (10)

THIS PRODUCT explains how you can reduce the 10 numbers down to 5 numbers. After you learn the system I am using, you don’t have to play 10 numbers in Washinton DC or in Pennsylvania – you can just play 5 NUMBERS!

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