Pick 4 Straight–TEXAS: 234 347 348 378 478

I will have to go back to THIS PRODUCT and make some changes. I am basing the straight numbers on the hottest front PAIR in the codes. Maybe I should be looking at the hottest DIGIT in the FIRST position in the codes and base the straight numbers on that digit. And then base the last TWO digits on the hottest BACK pair in the codes.

These are the 10 numbers I posted for TEXAS for this week:

TEXAS—Keys 78234
Good for Sunday to Saturday (April 24-30)
234 237 238 247 248 278 347 348 378 478 (10)

I am reducing this list down to these 5 numbers:

234 347 348 378 478

I just added a new report HERE explaining how I came up with this shorter list.

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