HOT, MIXED, and COLD States

COLD–I post 10 Pick 3 numbers for the week on Sunday morning for 29 states. These numbers are based on the digit distribution of the last 60 numbers that hit. The Top 10 States are COLD states. This means that the numbers that hit during the week many times come from the 5 coldest digits in the last 60 drawings. COLD digits do well in these states.

MIXED–States 11 to 21 are mixed states. They get hits from both the hot and cold digits. The number on the left on the chart below are the number of hits that state got in the last 6 weeks (the weekly Hit Report that I post).

HOT–The bottom states (22 to 29) are HOT states. HOT digits do well in these states. This means that you are better off looking at the 5 HOTTEST digits to pick your numbers for the week in these states. These are the TOP 5 digits in the distribution.

I recommend looking at the distribution of BOTH the last 60 and 200 numbers for the bottom states (California down to New York). For example; 205 hit New York on Tuesday April 26. Digits 0-2-5 are HOT digits (top 5 digits) in both the 60 and 200 number distributions (you can see the outputs on the bottom of this page). The number 026 hit on Thursday April 28; this came from 0-2-6 from the top of the 60 number distribution. The same for 542 (2-5-4 from the 60 number distribution from Saturday night).


You get the distribution on SATURDAY night. In this case, the numbers start from the 170 that hit New York on April 23.


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