AMC: March Will Be Here Soon

I previously predicted that AMC will squeeze sometime between this month and February. I will now update my prediction and say that AMC may very well squeeze in MARCH. I think that all that is going on now is laying the foundation for the BIG Event in March. You can stay up to date on AMC HERE.

UPDATED Prediction (December 9, 2021):

The MOASS can happen any day now.

It can happen tomorrow, next week, around Christmas, etc.

However, this will not be a one-day event or even a one-week event. There are millions of shares to be covered – and that will take some time. So what I am seeing now is that the START of the MOASS can happen at any time…but the PEAK of it will be in March 2022 (about 3 months from now).

So if you believe that AMC will go up to $10,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000 per share…you will have to wait a bit because that is not going to be the price you will see on Day 1 of the MOASS. The peak price will reveal itself gradually – with many people selling way before the peak price.

So my updated prediction is that the MOASS can start at any time – but the PEAK price will be seen in March 2022 (about 3 months from now).

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