How to Create a Hotlist Based on the Meta-35 List

I have explained before how to create the Meta-35 list for any state HERE. After you have the list, I suggest you divide the 35 numbers into five lines of 7 numbers each. For example, the list looks like this for New York:

124 125 127 128 129 145 147
148 149 157 158 159 178 179
189 245 247 248 249 257 258
259 278 279 289 457 458 459
478 479 489 578 579 589 789

Next, start crossing out numbers starting from the most recent hit. For example, 987 just hit New York (December 3). So I will cross out 789 from the list. The number 178 hit before (November 30) so I will cross it out. The number 874 hit the day before so I will cross out 478. Keep crossing out numbers until you have 7 numbers left. You will have to go back several months. My list looks like this (I shaded out all the numbers that hit).

So these are the 7 most due numbers in New York right:

124 147 249 257 278 289 458

Pair 27 is the hottest pair (in the last 988 singles), therefore, 257 and 278 may be the best numbers on this list. After a hit, this list will go down to 6 numbers. The next hit will bring the list down to 5 numbers, and so forth. KEEP USING THE LIST until you are down to ONE number (this will be the most due number). After that number hits, redo this workout.

The DUE LINE Strategy: There is another way of using this list. This is easier to use. Just remove enough numbers until you get one line with uncrossed numbers. For example, the 3rd line is due in NY right now.

It may be a good idea to combine both of these systems. For example, 247 and 257 show up on both of these lists, making these the two hottest numbers to play in NY right now (based on the Meta-35 system). Therefore, these are the 3 hottest Pick 3 numbers in NY right now:

247 257 278

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