I Just Purchased 54 Shares of AMC

I just added 54 more AMC shares to my Fidelity account. I am ignoring all the negativity regarding AMC (mostly coming from The Motley Fool). I am in this for the long term (a year). I now think that most of the “action” for AMC (the big squeeze) will happen sometime between January and June of next year (2022). So basically everything that is happening now is laying the foundation to what will happen next year. I suggest you get in on this because the price of AMC will EXPLODE ($500, $1,000, $5,000, etc.). If you can only afford to buy ONE share ($31 right now), do so. If you can only buy 10 shares, do so. And I recommend Fidelity. If you have your shares in Robinhood, I suggest you transfer them out. Watch some of THESE videos to learn how. Also, I suggest you stay up to date on what is happening in the AMC world by joining Reddit and checking out these two forums on a regular basis….THIS one and THIS one. Also, check out AMC videos on YouTube….HERE.

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