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The Super Special (FREE Stuff)

I just sent out a special 23 page report to those on my email list. If you are a Basic, VIP, or Gold member (or if you are on the Express list), check your inbox because the report should be there. In this report I explain several FREEBIES you can get – plus something I […]


If you are on my email list, you get emails from me on a regular basis. I use a special service to send out these emails. However, I have noticed that the emails I send out can take up to 3 days to arrive on someone’s inbox. This means that an email I send out […]

Update for April 26 (Exciting Announcements!)

I have some exciting announcements. I will no longer be putting out the weekly books. Instead what I will do is put out reports on an as needed basis. These reports will be based on questions that I get by email from time to time. The following reports are currently available…for FREE! A Straight Number […]

Book-80 is FREE!

It is now 10AM on Saturday morning, March 25.  From this point forward I will be sending out my latest book on Saturday or Sunday morning.  I just sent Book-80 to Basic, VIP, and Gold members. However, I want to send out this book for FREE to everyone on my list because I want to bring […]

FREE 10 Day Training Program

I have a FREE 10 DAY TRAINING PROGRAM consisting of two parts: a book and the use of my programs. You will get Volume 1 (my first Kindle book on Amazon HERE and 10 Day Access to my programs – 100% FREE of charge (there is no catch here, this is really totally FREE!). This offer […]

FREE Report: The 10 Number System (It Works!)

EMAIL I Just Got: I would like you to be my coach. I don’t know where to start but I am very interested. I am tired of losing money. My RESPONSE: The first thing you have to do is stop playing. Then read this: Third, find the 10 most due numbers in your state. […]

The TWO Number System (Pick 3) – NEW Report!

NEW Report! And it’s FREE! My latest report teaches you how to identify TWO super hot Pick 3 numbers to play in your state! This report is FREE! To get it, simply email me with this on the subject line of your email: “SEND – The TWO Number System (Pick 3)“. You can email me […]

The Win 4 Master List: SENT! (FREE)

I just sent out the Master List for the Win 4 game to those on my email list. This Master List is good for ALL states. This list will help you get HITS in the Win 4 game. (**BONUS: Pick 3 Master List is also included!!**). This Report is FREE. Thats right: This Report is FREE!! […]

The 6 Digit System (FREE Report!)

I just discovered a really cool strategy. Click on link below to open a free report with all the exciting details! the-6-digit-system  

10 HOT Numbers for New York for This Week

10 HOT Numbers for New York for This Week (Now to SAT NOV 5) (These are Box Numbers) 289, 345, 347, 348, 349, 357, 368, 369, 389, 456