Checkpoints, 1X, 2X, 3X (NEW Strategies)

I hit 204 in New York yesterday. (I predicted pairs 85 and 42 for NY on Saturday – still waiting for pair 85 to hit.) I also hit 265 before that on May 24. And I hit 268 before that on May 22. All of these hits are coming from my 7 Day Coding System, which […]

10 Steps to Pick 3 Success

Below is the email I will be sending out to all new members of my email list. Most of this should be familiar to you if you have been on my list for a while. If you do not have any of the reports mentioned, email me with the appropriate line on your subject line and I will […]

NEW and IMPROVED Daily Hits Program!

Click on the link below to open my latest PDF report! NEW IMPROVED Daily Hits Program! ========================================= In Book-3 (HERE) I explain the absolute BEST Pick 3 system that I have ever come up with. This system gives you a three digit KEY and the corresponding playlist for that key. These numbers are good for […]

Variation, NEW DAILY HITS Programs!

The Pick 3 numbers I posted today are a variation of the system I am explaining in Book-3. I am not sure if it will work as good at the “official” system. However, with this variation of the system you would keep the same three key digits and playlist if none of the three digits […]

The 4-Due Pairs Program Will Be Updated

NEW Report! Click on link below to open it.  Update to The 4-Due Pairs Program

The Gold Reports, A Gift, the Indian Program

I sent out the second Gold Report today. This report explains a 10-point strategy to GET RICH playing the Pick 3 game. You will soon be seeing me get straight hits where I win $450, $900, and $1800. WHAT I am doing to get these hits is explained in these reports. Go HERE to learn […]

Stop Using System 88. Book-47 will Have Several Updates and Improvements

I just figured out a way to use 7 digits while at the same time make the system more accurate! I will explain these improvements in Book-47, out this coming Sunday August 7. I will email it to you in the morning if you are VIP or 7 Day Club member. To learn how to […]