The Pick 3 Tracking System (FREE!!)

My systems are great – but I am not getting the most out of them because I am NOT using them TOGETHER. Right now what I have are several isolated systems that work great – but I don’t have a way to combine their power to generate consistent hits.

I just wrote a 57 page PDF report where I introduce and explain the unique tracking system I have developed that will make it possible for me to combine my best systems to create ONE super powerful Pick 3 system.

In the report I explain my tracking system using EXCEL – but it will work just as well on a notebook; so if you are a Pen and Paper player, this system
will work for you as well. 

You can get this system (PDF and EXCEL SHEET) for FREE by emailing me with SEND FREE TRACKING SYSTEM-HP on the subject line of your email. You can email me at You can also download the documents HERE. 

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