The 5 Part Tracking System (5TS)

Let me make this official. I now have a standard 5 part tracking system for the Pick 3 game. This tracking system is on Excel. If you are not good with Excel, you can use a pen and paper graph paper version of the system. I am calling this 5 part tracking system 5TS which stands for “5-Part Tracking System”. If you read Secrets-2 you are familiar with ONE part of this system: Method-453. This is the basic tracking system based on the Master Reference Box. I am calling this basic tracking system Method-453.

In Secrets-3 I will discuss FOUR other tracking systems (all based on the Master Reference Box). There is a separate Excel spreadsheet for each tracking system. The names of these 5 spreadsheets are:

(1) Method-453 (the basic tracking system in Secrets-2)

(2) 1P (tracks the first position only)

(3) 2P (tracks the second position only)

(4) 3P (tracks the third position only)

(5) Consolidated (a one-track system; to be explained in Secrets-3)

If you have my “AANewYork Daily Tracking” sheet, you already have all 5 tracking systems. If you want this tracking sheet, read THIS.

An alternative is so wait for Secrets-3, which should be ready sometime in February. I bring this up because there will be a chapter in Secrets-3 titled, “How to Master Pick 3” and this 5 part tracking system is a key component of that chapter.

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