I Won in 4 States

I won in 4 states yesturday!

I played the super list yesterday on my 4 favorite states: Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. I won on all 4 states!  Now, the wins were small ($7.50) and all 4 wins came out to be just $30; but money is money. I am sure that in time I will come up with a better strategy to make more money with this list, but for now, I like the results I am seeing so far. (You know me; I am all about constant improvement.)

Now, this is interesting; if you back test the super list on these 4 states you will see that the super list hits almost every day. It pretty amazing actually.

Now let’s assume I keep doing this (playing all 4 states every day) and I lose a state or two. What do I do then?

You will have to read the “Super List 120” report to learn that. (See the Products page.). If you are on my coaching program, you should have gotten this report (I am working on a few updates. I will email you the updated report when its ready.)

Below are the wins and a screenshot of my 5dimes back office. Click on the image to expand it.

647 in Arizona


358 in Kansas


372 in Louisiana


672 in Wisconsin


You can get this list, plus the Super List report, PLUS 30 day access to Pick 3 programs for just $60.

*List of 120 numbers

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