No More NY Predictions To Be Posted

I did not post the numbers for New York yesterday.

The reason being that by now, I have proven my point.

The system works in NY.

The Basic Box numbers hit consistently.

There is no doubt about that now. Those who want the NY numbers can join to access the program. (I like to help out…but I am running a business too.)

I will continue posting…but after the days results at night. I will continue to post because reviewing past results is turning out to be a great way of identifying patterns and predicting the location of the next hit.

Example 1
By studying past results I now know that after two Outside numbers hit (numbers on the outer edges), the 52 number (numbers in the middle made of 4 lines of 13 numbers) will hit in the next 3 to 5 days.

Read my report on this titled: Outside Numbers/Rule 52.
Its on the Reports section.

Example 2
Most hits actually come from the 52 numbers in the middle. Tracking just these 52 numbers will increase the profitability of this system.

Example 3
Numbers from the top lines (1, 2, 3) are followed by numbers from the bottom (lines 4, 5, 6) and vice versa.

Example 4
Playing the top lines only (1, 2, 3) reduces the playlist down down to 45 numbers.

Example 5
Playing the bottom lines only (4, 5, 6) reduces the playlist down down to 40 numbers.

Example 6
Numbers from the left are followed by numbers from the right and vice versa.

There are more patterns.
I will continue to look for them.

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