Excel NOT Needed

If you use the calendar system, you do NOT need to track the numbers on Excel.  

All the “white spaces” on the calendar are WINS (if you read the report, you know what this means.) 

Therefore, you only need two tracking systems:  

(1) Word based: what I do for the NY game every night; you can do the same thing on a Word document: NY Predictions Link. This means that every night you copy and paste the 85 numbers onto a Word document and then see what hits the next day. Color all the hits in red so they stand out. Do this every night. It has to become a habit. The $6,600 system is based on this simple habit. From time to time go back and look for patterns. I am sure you will find some.  

(2) In addition to this, you need the calendar system. Read the Calendar System report for details (you have to be a paid member to get this report).



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