A BETTER Straight Number System

My straight number system is based on dividing
all 1000 straight numbers into 50 groups of 
20 numbers (50 x 20 = 1000). 

However, now I think that it is better to only 
target SINGLES because this will reduce the 
number field significantly. 

There are 720 singles in the Pick 3 game. 

This means that there will only be 36 groups of 
20 numbers (36 x 20 = 720). 

(I want to stick with 20 numbers because it works).  

That is 14 LESS groups of numbers to deal with. 

This represents a smaller field of numbers to cover. 

This reduction is “a big deal”—it will make a difference.  

This will reduce the “number map” and speed things up. 

Basically, this means that the numbers will hit faster
because only 36 groups are being considered. 

These are singles, which hit 72% of the time. 

Bottom Line:
The straight numbers will hit more quickly.

Therefore, I will be adding TWO new programs to the 
site soon:

-One listing the 36 Groups. 
-One that tells you the most due group, 
like the 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS program.  

This will also be a pen and paper system;
you just need the list of 36 groups. 

These two NEW programs will be up in 1 to 2 weeks. 

If you have access to my programs, 
you will be able to use them.

I may be selling an EXCEL sheet showing
all 720 numbers. It will have bold lines
dividing the 36 groups. You can print out
the sheet and do the workout on the sheet
itself (very simple to do). If you would like 
this product, let me know. Email me with…
on the subject line of your email. 

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