My Kindle is up….

Three Straight hits from the Kindle so far:

Florida: 339 Straight on December 22.
Maryland: 819 Straight on December 22.
Virginia: 184 Straight on December 22.

However….MOST of the hits have been BOX hits.

If you send me the proof of purchase number
on the LAST page of the Kindle, I will send you
Updates every morning until DECEMBER 31.

Here is the Update I sent out this morning
(Sunday, December DEC 27):

The numbers from the Kindle are HITTING.

They are just hitting BOX.

Therefore, these numbers should be played
both Box and Straight.

This should give you 2 to 4 hits PER WEEK.

And there is the possibility of a STRAIGHT hit.

STRATEGY: If you play these numbers online,
play them 0.50 BOX and 0.25 STRAIGHT.

Or $2 BOX and $1 STRAIGHT.

Or $2 BOX and 0.50 STRAIGHT.

Here is what I mean:
Here are some of the box hits from yesturday (DEC 26):

The number 413 hit on December 26.
The list has 431.

430 480 530 580
431 481 531 581
432 482 532 582
433 483 533 583
434 484 534 584

The number 914 hit on December 26.
The list has 149.

045 095 145 195
046 096 146 196
047 097 147 197
048 098 148 198
049 099 149 199

The number 296 hit on December 26.
The list has 692.

The number 970 hit.
The list has 790

640 690 740 790
641 691 741 791
642 692 742 792
643 693 743 793
644 694 744 794

If you look back, pretty much EVERY state
has gotten 2, 3, or 4 box hits by now!

….and there is still the possibility of a STRAIGHT hit.

So this is the SMART way to play these numbers:
Play them both Box and Straight.

By the way….GEORGIA has 3 BOX hits so far this week!

141 Hit Box on December 23 (411).
103 Hit Box on December 25 (013).
093 Hit Box on December 25 (309).

Just so you know….
The numbers stay the SAME for a WEEK
(14 drawings) because there is the possibility
of a straight hit if the same numbers are
played for 14 drawings.

Only play the numbers for 14 drawings.
Thats a week in 2-draw per day states.

Do NOT play these numbers for more than
14 drawings. During this time you should
get 2 to 4 BOX hits and possibly 1 STRAIGHT hit.

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Check out the brand new program called:
The 36 Groups.

This is actually a LIST of the NEW set of
36 groups I will be using from now on
for my New and Updated Straight Number System:

> THE 36 GROUPS <<<<———-NEW LIST!!

This list replaces the 50 Groups.

REMEMBER…my 12 Month Special Expires

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The Special is this:
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If you currently have access, I will
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You can see just some of the programs
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This offer expires at midnight
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If interested, email me with
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Membership details are here:

After December 31, membership
will be as follows:

3 Month Access is $30.
7 Month Access is $60
12 Month Access is $99.

===The PDF===
For those of you who want the PDF edition of the
Straight number Kindle right now ….you can get it
for $9.99.

This includes Updates up to December 31.

This means that if any of the states get a hit anytime from
now until December 31, you will get the updated list of
straight numbers for that state.

You can pay via CashApp at: $AANewYork4000

If paying via Paypal, email me with
on the subject line of your email.

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