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6 Consecutive Doubles Hold the Key to C100 Success

I am now thinking that the absolute best time to play the C100 numbers is right after you see 6 back to back doubles. This does not always happen in any one particular state but you can go to and look for this in other states. Just look around for 6 consecutive doubles. Once you […]

I Hit 532 Box Last Night Using the C100 System

532 hit last night in New York. I don’t usually post my winnings, but I think this time it’s appropriate so you can see just how powerful the C100 system is. I took my own advice and after seeing those 6 back to back doubles (6D), I decided to play. I played all 100 C100 […]

6D in New York: Expect a Winning Cycle Next

Today is August 20, 2013. New York just came out of a very clear cut 6 draw losing cycle starting on August 16 with 884 and ending on August 19 with 991. I say “clear cut” because these 6 Non-C100 number were all doubles. Let’s call this losing cycle 6D (6 back to back doubles): 991 […]

The NEW Updated C100 System

The NEW Updated C100 System: Available Tomorrow August 20! *Now you need less money to get started. I give you the exact amount on the report.   *The 3 Cycles in the Game (NEW! Use this secret knowledge to know when to play and when not to play).    *How to Set up Your Own Pick 3 […]

$225 Profit for July in NY

See the Excel document below showing a profit of $225 in New York in July 2013 using the C100 system. Click on the link to open the document. $225 in NY-JULY By keeping a +1 and -1 count for each win and loss, you end up with a +18 count. Now, each time you win […]

2 Discoveries from the C100 System

To all of you who did not purchase my C100 system; the numbers with a yellow highlight on the Excel sheet below are hits from my C100 system. This system is based on playing 100 numbers box at 5dimes for 0.25 cents ($25). The gray numbers are numbers not on the list, therefore loses. As you […]

Two C100 Points

Two Points: 1. Each time you lose $25, you have to win twice ($12.50 x 2 = $25) to make up for that one loss. Meaning that the wins must outnumber the losses by at least 3x to see a profit. This realization is a step in the right direction. 2. Avoid playing when you […]