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Check your inbox. I just sent out a report for CALIFORNIA. This report has STRAIGHT numbers for the CA Win 4 game. If you did not get it, email me with SEND CA WIN 4 REPORT on the subject line of your email. You can email me at

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Email me today with FREE ACCESS on the subject line of your email and I will give you FREE access to my PICK 3 programs for 7 to 10 days – even if I previously gave you the free 10 day training. You can email me at


Check your email.  I just sent out (from my AOL account: moneymachineaa) the WIN 4 STRAIGHT Number Report for CONNECTICUT. It does not matter if you do not play CT numbers because you can use the strategy explained on  this special report to get STRAIGHT Win 4 numbers for ANY state….as long as you have access to […]


FREE 10 DAY TRAINING HERE FREE REPORTS–If you have not done so already, you can request my free Pick 3 and Win 4 reports by emailing me with SEND FREE REPORTS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at WIN 4 (Pick 4 STRAIGHT)–FREE REPORT You can request my free Win 4 Straight […]


EMAIL I JUST GOT My login to your site has expired.  How do I restore my login to your site? MY RESPONSE You have two options.  You can get 3 months of Basic membership for $20. This only gives you access to my Pick 3 programs. If interested, email me with this on the subject line of your […]


I just sent out an email where I discuss MICHIGAN, NORTH CAROLINA and the basics of getting straight hits in the Pick 5 game. You should have gotten this email if you are on my email list. If you did not get it, simply email me with SEND MI-NC-P5 on the subject line of your […]


Quick announcement: I will be sending out a list of STRAIGHT numbers for the Connecticut Win 4 game in a few days.  I will also do a deep analysis of the game and explain what are the best numbers, the hottest doubles, and which numbers have the best chance of hitting in the next 30 to 60 days. This will be a FREE […]