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350 Drawings (ALL States)–FREE TRAINING/Access

I have some announcements. First, when coding, use the last 350 codes. This goes for all states. Use the last 350 codes to identify the TWO hotttest pairs in your codes. You do this by using the Pair Frequency Finder programs. > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER-350 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER 200 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER 150 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER […]

I lost money in New York (NEW BETTER SYSTEM)

I have been losing money playing my numbers in New York in the last 2 weeks. So I decided to go back to the basics and do what has worked consistently in the past; hot pairs. Basically, I am relearning the same lesson all over again. After a lot of back testing in the last 48 hours, I have […]

Numbers for AZ, AK, CA, KY, MD, MI—-SENT

I just sent out the updated numbers for these states: Arizona (Sept 28-Oct 5) Arkansas (Sept 28-Oct 5) California (Sept 28-Oct 5) Kentucky (Sept 28-Oct 5) Maryland (Sept 28-Oct 5) Michigan (Sept 28-Oct 5) If you did not get the numbers, it means that you are not on my list for these states. To get the […]


Florida (Sept 28-Oct 5) 613 650 857 813 839 629 079 Illinois (Sept 28-Oct 5) 201 719 258 349 369 769 Pennsylvania (Sept 28-Oct 5) 374 324 821 014 094 379