21 STRAIGHT Hits!–FREE Report!

The 60 Straight Number report I posted last week predicted an incredible 21 straight hits this past week. I just posted my 60 straight number predictions for THIS week: Sunday to Saturday (Feb 14 to 20). This report is FREE! In this report I reveal some NEW Pick 3 strategies! Its called:5–60 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-FEB 13 […]

60 Straight Numbers for FLORIDA

The 60 straight number system works very well in FLORIDA. There was a hit yesturday: 924 straight. Below is the updated list for Florida. 924 was in the 3rd (bottom) group. Therefore, I think that the next hit will most likely come from the first (306 to 329) or the second group (560 to 583). […]

60 Straight Numbers for THIS Week!!–FREE Report!

FREE Report!60 Straight Numbers for THIS Week!Sunday to Saturday (FEB 7-13)4–60 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-FEB 6 https://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports

21 Straight Hits from the 60 Numbers

Below are the straight hits this past week (Sunday to Saturday: Jan 31 to Feb 6) from the 60 straight number report I posted last Sunday. SATURDAY—FEB 6Texas– 741 Straight FRIDAY—FEB 5No hits. THURSDAY—FEB 4Washington, D.C.– 352 Straight WEDNESDAY—FEB 3Florida–182 StraightIllinois–062 StraightKentucky–078 and 580 StraightMichigan–518 StraightPennsylvania–536 StraightVirginia–583 Straight TUESDAY—FEB 2Florida–193 StraightOhio–431 Straight MONDAY—FEB 1Florida–297 StraightKentucky–074 […]

Hits from the 60 Straight Numbers

MONDAY—FEB 1Florida–297 StraightKentucky–074 StraightMichigan–503 StraightOntario–319 StraightWashington, DC– 349 Straight SUNDAY–JAN 31Florida–189 and 091 StraightNew Jersey–780 StraightVirginia–013 StraightWisconsin–379 Straight

60 STRAIGHT NUMBERS for this week: JAN 24 to JAN 30

The top report here:https://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports(generated on JAN 23) has 60 straight numbersfor this week: January 24 to the 30th. These numbers have to be reduced using theChecklist system, as explained in this report: How to Get a Short List of Straight Numbershttps://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports Below are the hits from last week. SATURDAY–JAN 23 Arkansas–907 StraightConnecticut–153 Straight =============================FRIDAY–JAN 22 […]