Volume 2 will be Up Today!

Click on link below to open a Special Report on Volume 2. VOLUME 2 Will Be Up Today-JUNE-19

NEW Chapter Added: “HOW TO MAKE $1,860 IN 14 DAYS”

I just added a brand new and pretty exciting chapter to Volume 2: HOW TO MAKE $1,860 IN 14 DAYS (NEW SYSTEM!): In chapter 8 I will describe a very REAL and practical system you can use to make $1,860 in just 14 days. The great thing about this system is that I also teach […]

Book Description for Volume 2: $500 and $900 Paydays Coming Up!

The link at the bottom of this post will open a PDF report with the book description that I will be putting up on Amazon to go along with Volume 2. Volume 2 should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. On this volume I really focus on getting STRAIGHT hits in the Pick 3 […]

Volume 2 is Coming, and it’s GOOD!

Volume 2 is turning out to be better than I expected! The price will be $9.99 – but you will WANT to pay this amount once you see what comes along with the purchase of this book. NEW MEMBERS: If you are a new member and have never used my programs before, you will get […]

Preview of Volumes 2 through 6

Volume 2: The Straight Number System in New York Volume 3: The Straight Number System in Florida Volume 4: The Straight Number System in Texas Volume 5: The Straight Number System in North Carolina Volume 6: The Straight Number System in South Carolina

The Chapters of My Book

Below are the chapters of my upcoming book. It will be available for purchase at Amazon in a week or two. The information on chapters 19 and 30, and 33 is completely new. Price? Just $2.99 !! 1-Level 1: FREE Reports/Strategies/Updates 2-Level 2: One Month Access for $60 3-Level 3: Ongoing Access Every Month 4-The […]