Revelation 20-40-60

How to Get a Hotlist for This Week

EMAIL I JUST GOT: How is everything? I hope all is well. I need help here in New York. Have you already put out your pick 3 list for this week? I need help to take this game down. The number I’m trying to beat up is 585 for evening tonight. Can you help me?¬† […]

Make $225 or $900 Every Time You Hit!

EMAIL I JUST GOT: Hello Anthony, How do you get the straight numbers for the month? I noticed in August you said the straight number for NC was 582. It actually hit the first week in September. I’m trying to figure out if the ones you predicted for the month of September will hit in […]

Your Daily Playlist

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I’m am very excited to see your progress. I need help, do you have a day by day list, that will tell you the numbers to play midday, and evening? I need a small list to play here in New York, for the month of September. Is this at all possible? […]

Get the Revelation Reports Every Night. Get the Matching Numbers.

I just learned something: To get the hottest numbers for the next 1 to 4 drawings, get the 3 Revelation Summary Reports using the latest (most up to date) numbers. Enter the numbers on these reports on the Group Matching System program. At least one of the the 2, 3, and 4-way numbers you get […]

New Revelation Report for September 4, 2015

Click on link below to open report. REVELATION-REPORT-SEPT-4-2015

The New and Improved Revelation Programs are Ready!

WOW! The New and Improved Revelation Programs are Ready! I am really impressed with how these programs came out. There is ALOT to study here! You can login right now and start back testing these programs in your state; I am sure you will be impressed! (Make sure you have the last 60 numbers that […]