Rundown List

107 is on the Rundown List (Line 1)

107 just Hit New York.  017 is on the Rundown List. This is a hit from Line 1.   241-The Rundown List (80) 8 Line Tracking System 012 013 014 015 017 018 019 023 024 025—Line 1 026 027 029 034 035 037 039 045 046 048 056 058 059 068 069 078 079 […]

The Rundown List and the Trinity System

I forgot to mention a very important detail that will be useful to those of you who are using Davids Trinity system (see my previous post HERE). The Rundown program gives you a breakdown of the list by digit. So it will give you all the Rundown numbers that have a 0, 1, 2, 3, […]

The Rundown List

See two posts before this one…HERE.  The 241 that just hit New York was on the reduced list I posted last night. Where did I get this reduced list from? From the Rundown list program: Best Programs > G22 CODING SYSTEM > G22-DUE GROUP ETC ETC > STRAIGHT PICK 3 CODING-40 > STRAIGHT PICK 3 CODING-30 > […]


Question: How can I find out what pairs will be hitting my state soon? Answer: Use the 4-DUE PAIRS program. Pairs Programs > 1-DUE PAIR > 2-DUE PAIRS > 3-DUE PAIRS > 4-DUE PAIRS <—————–THIS ONE > PAIR-REMOVAL Enter the last 100 numbers that hit your state starting from the most recent and going back (midday, […]

Daily Hits in GEORGIA (FREE Reports)

I just got this testimonial. This player is hitting the Georgia game almost every day! “I am writing you a testimony. I am playing cash 3 daily and cash 4 every 3 days. Because of your system, I am hitting 2 to 3 times a day in Georgia. I will start with cash 3. The […]

The 4 Indicators (NEW Report!)

If you are on my email list, check your inbox. I just sent out a brand new report explaining a NEW Pick 3 system that I call The 4 Indicators. This system will many times give you ONE or TWO super hot numbers to play. This report also includes a FREE Pen and Paper System that […]

The Rundown Strategy (NEW Report!)

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