6 Number System: A Guaranteed Way to Win Pick 3

The way to make a fortune playing Pick 3 has been right under my nose all this time but I have not been paying attention to it. I have been too busy looking at other more exotic ways of winning the game instead of putting all my attention on this simple system. Actually, the system I am about to show you predicted the 273 that hit New York yesterday (Wednesday January 31) – but I was too busy with the 10-Way Report program to notice it.

This is very frustrating because this system had a playlist of just ONE number!

That’s right; with this system I only had to play ONE number to get a hit!

Can you imagine that? A system that gives you ONE number to play?!

And if you want to guarantee yourself a straight hit, just play this number 6 ways.

And playing 6 numbers to get a straight hit is still very good. Most of my programs give you way more than 6 numbers!

What system am I talking about here? How does it work?

The system is very simple: treat the code as a number and play it 6 ways to guarantee a straight hit. For example, look at what happened yesterday in New York. The code in New York for midday Wednesday July 31 was 273. Any of my code programs could have given you that information: Code-3, Code-3 BASIC, or the Code-Key Match program. Below is the output of the Code-3 program (we don’t need the playlist, just the code):


10 Numbers used: 036 685 932 276 881 304 823 251 854 077


Now, guess what number hit midday yesterday?

273 Straight!

The number hit exactly as the program gave it to you!


That is pretty amazing, isn’t?

The program gave you ONE number and that number hit on the very next drawing! This is Pick 3 magic ladies and gentlemen! This is the closest thing to “cheating” that you will ever come across in your life playing Pick 3!

How frequently does this happen in New York?

On average this happens once or twice a month. Lately it has been happening twice a month. I have been lazy about using this system because it requires a lot of self-discipline. I have to get the code after each drawing because this is a draw to draw system. Also, I have to make sure I play twice every day because New York is a two draw per day state. I have to make sure I never miss a game. This type of daily self-discipline is not my cup of tea; that is why I have avoided using this system. However, after seeing that 273 hit yesterday; I have to reconsider. I think the daily discipline is worth the effort.

The exact same thing happened 12 days ago on my birthday, July 20.

The code for midday on July 20 was 054.


10 Numbers used: 057 310 934 322 367 165 843 410 360 340


Guess what number hit for midday on July 20?

540 !!

Getting a straight hit was just a matter of playing 054 six ways: 045 054 405 450 504 540.


Played for $1 online, that would have been just $6, for a win of $900 !!

That would have been a nice birthday present.

This happens over and over again but I have been too busy with other (more complicated) systems to really give it much thought. That is about to change.

My New Goal: I will start using this system from now on.  I have missed too many hits already by not playing the code on the very next drawing. Therefore, I will put up a new program based on this system. It will be called the 6 Number System.

Also, I will put the 10-way and 4-way programs in the back burner for now and focus more on this much more simple system. This 6 number system  even beats the 10-way numbers because even if the 10-way program gives me 5 numbers, it would still mean that I would have to play 30 numbers (5 x 6 ways) to get a straight hit. With this easier system I only have to play 6 numbers to get a straight hit.

The only problem is waiting to get that one or two hits a month – but I think I have a solution. The solution is this: play this system in 2 or 3 states where this system works. This should be an easy way of making a lot of money!



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