What numbers should I play? Only These 10 Numbers!

If you are on my coaching program, I know exactly what happened this weekend. You used the 6NS Back Testing Program and you probably liked the program but there was one problem; not enough hits. Maybe you put in 100, 200 or 300 drawings and the program said “Matches: None.” I found that frustrating too.


I suddenly realized this weekend that it will be very difficult to commit to a strategy when you know that you can end up playing 100, 200, or 300 games and NOT see a single hit. After realizing that this weekend, I reconsidered everything about this program. Good theory; but the reality is not what I was expecting.

However, don’t lose faith; I may have found the solution: 10 fixed numbers that never change!  The 6NS really gave you just ONE number. One number played 6 ways. Obviously, that is not enough. We need more numbers. Based on what I discovered this weekend, 10 numbers is about right. I found those 10 numbers. These are 10 box numbers but I show you how to get straight hits as well. You will NOT be playing all 10 numbers every day.  I will show you how to narrow that list down to 4 numbers, sometimes even to just 1 number.

I will learn from last time and not get too excited about this program right now; I will see how well it performs in the real world first.

The name of this new system is Solution 10.

Solution 10 is the result of my frustration with the Pick 3 game (especially the 6 Number System over the weekend). With this system I may have solved once and for all the biggest problem in Pick 3: What numbers should I play? That is the question that we are asking ourselves all the time. This system answers that question with 10 special numbers. These are 10 fixed numbers that never change.

These 10 numbers may very well be the solution to the Pick 3 problem.

These 10 numbers will change how you approach the game. Instead of looking for what numbers to play, now you only have focus on what strategy to use – since the playlist is always the same.

What are these 10 numbers?

You will find out tonight if you are on my coaching program!

The idea behind this system is simple; mastering Pick 3 requires 3 things, Numbers, Strategy and X (you have to see the system at pick3programs.com to find out what X is). About 99% of the effort in the Pick 3 game is spent trying to figure out the right numbers to play. That is where all the attention goes. That is what everybody is trying to figure out. Very little time is spent on what strategy to use. Strategy is HOW to play the game – not WHAT numbers to play. However, what can really put money in your pockets in the long term is a smart playing strategy. You can get lucky from time to time and get a hit here and there but if you want to win consistently, you need a good strategy.

What if you spent 100% of the time finding the right winning Strategy?

What if you spent all your time looking for the best way to WIN?   

Answer: If you spent all your time looking for winning strategies (and NOT what numbers to play), you will end up winning more frequently!

That is what this new system will do for you; it will help you WIN MORE!

To learn what the 10 special numbers are and what the third thing you need to master the game (X) log into pick3programs.com tonight and check out the brand new “Solution 10” system!

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