I just hit 860 Box in New York!

I just updated the basic C100 report. You can click on the Products page on top to see it.

If you are on my coaching program, you should have gotten this updated report. Just read pages 6 and 7 since all the other information is the same.  C100 – Volume 2 is coming soon with all my latest updates.

860 just hit New York – and I hit it! A small win, but that’s part of the C100 system (you have to read the report to know what I mean.) Click on the image below to expand it.


Another point: make sure you check the “Boxed” boxes at 5dimes before copying and pasting your 100 numbers into the input box (assuming you are using the C100 system). If not, it will automatically have the “Straight” boxes checked.


Things are looking up!

I will let you know my latest developments as they happen.

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