Automatic Play (2 Attachments) – Key to $6600 System

Jamie is on my paid coaching program and he just emailed me a tracking sheet. 

He tracked the program from December 1 to December 31 2014 and played both the midday and evening  game and doubled up after a loss. He is playing ALL 85 numbers on EVERY  draw.

We can call this Automatic Play because you automatically play all 85  numbers for every there really are no decisions to make. You just have to double up after a loss.

He is showing a profit. He is showing the final profit/loss at the bottom. 

This is quite revealing.

There is a lot to learn from this.

I am thinking of doing this myself….starting from Jan 1.

However I would use real amounts: $21.25, $42.50, $85, $170, $340.

In other words, start playing the 85 numbers for 0.25 cents ($21.25)  and double up after every loss.

One trigger or rule I would use is:
STOP Playing After 6 back to back losses (3 days).

Also: After two back to back low numbers (numbers hitting from lines  5 or 6) Only play lines 1-4 on the next draw (or until you hit).

Click on the two links below to open the two attachments. 



$60 Special



This Automatic Play holds the key to the $6600 System!



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