The Texas ABC Program is Up and Running!

Good news …..

The Texas ABC program is up and running!

You can login into and start using the program right now….

For this program I had to make the A numbers be 85 numbers.
There is a note at the bottom of the program explaining why.

Here is that note:

Why 85 A Numbers?

Texas uses Pre-Testing which is an “unofficial drawing that tests the machine and the ball sets used for a Pick 3 drawing. Pre-tests ensure that the drawing machine is working well and that balls are drawn in a random way.” These drawings are not counted. Therefore, the Pick 3 results you see in Texas are not “normal” because they do not take into account the result of the Pre-Testing drawings. I bring this up because I was not able to get to the desired 60% coverage for the A numbers with 75 numbers. The codes have a unique distribution in Texas. They are not as “centralized” as they are in New York or Florida. I had to use 85 numbers to reach 60% coverage for the A numbers. Most of these A numbers are singles. The B numbers in Texas are about half singles and half doubles and most of the doubles are concentrated on the C list.

The Pick 3 Coach
March 3, 2015


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