FREE Straight List for New York! (No Program Required)

What if I told you that I just figured out how to come up with a FIXED Straight list for ANY state?

This means that the list stays the same.

This means that you do NOT need a program.

This means that you do NOT need to join my paid coaching program.

Once you have the list, you have the list.
You dont need anything else.

How accurate is this list?

Well, I am giving everybody the New York list for FREE. Just click on the link at the end of this post to open up the free PDF report. It has 339 Straight numbers, so this is a list that is meant to be used online.

However, if you already have a system and want a very accurate list to reference to help you select the best possible numbers…this is the list for you.

IF you want a list to reference to help you get STRAIGHT hits, you will want to have this list!

FREE BONUS: I have also included a corresponding BOX list of 84 numbers made up of singles only. These 84 singles are fixed as well. They never change.

If you are a budget player, this is the only list you will ever need.

Both lists are on the same page.

Here is what I suggest you do: Back test both list (specially the straight list)
all you want in New York. You can go back a year if you want. I am sure you will be very impressed.

If you would like the same list for your state (if you do not play NY numbers), I can provide a custom made list for any state for $97. For $97 you will get the straight and box list for any state or country. This is a one time fee.

Click on 1st the link below to open up the report with the straight list for NY. The 2nd link opens up a document that provides exact instructions on how to order the lists. Email me if you have any questions at



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