NY Follower Program Verification Project

This post applies to paid members of my coaching program and those who would be interested in helping out with proofreading (verifying) some numbers for the New York Follower program.

The template for the NY follower program is now live: you can see it if you log into pick3programs.com right now (it’s the top program). However, right now it just has the numbers the program will be based on; it does not give any followers yet.

I want to first verify that the numbers the program is using are correct (make sure you read the post I have on the members page: https://pick3master333.com/members-only/ )

Below are two examples of what I am looking for.



If you are a member: email me and let me know what year or years you want to proofread. Copy the numbers onto a page, print it out…then cross reference the numbers against the actual NY results for that year. Email me if you are NOT a member and you want to help proofreading (verifying) the numbers for this program. My direct email is aa2newyork@aol.com.

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