Please Post a Review and Get a Special Gift

My Kindle book is up on Amazon.

Cost? $2.99 !!

I would really appreciate it if you can (1) buy it (2) post a review and (this is very important) (3) give it 5 Stars (buying the book makes it a Verified Review).

If you do, email me back with the link to your review (tell me the name you used in your review) and in return, I will give you a special gift as my way of saying Thank You: 30 day access to

***IF You are New to My Material***
This book will be very revealing. You will learn a lot and get many ideas on how to think creatively about the game.

***IF You are Familiar with My Work Already***
In your review you will be evaluating my entire work. You can mention how my ideas have helped you win or inspired you to come up with your own system or workouts.

Please do this ASAP: Once I get enough reviews, this offer will no longer be valid.

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