Update for Saturday June 20

Volume 2 is up HERE. 

If you are a VIP member (automatic $60 a month program), you should have gotten the book via email this morning. By the way…you will be getting all future volumes for FREE…including the list of followers for all 220 Pick 3 box numbers, which I am working on now. 

NEW: If you would like to be a VIP member but you don’t want to lock yourself to an automatic payment program, you can join by pre-paying for at least 3 months ($60 x 3 = $180). From that point forward you can pay month to month. Email me with “$180 Special” on the subject line if you are interested in this option. 

If you have NEVER used my programs before, purchasing Volume 2 comes with a very special bonus: 30 day access to Pick3programs.com. Just email me the code you see on chapter 36, “FREE ACCESS CODE” on the subject line. My email is aa2newyork@aol.com. As soon as I get it, I will email you a username and password to log it. NOTE: You will NOT be paying me for this. You will NOT be sending me any money. You will only be paying Amazon the $9.99 to purchase the Kindle book.  

If you are paying month to month to use my programs, email me the code you see on chapter 37, “60 DAY SPECIAL“, and I will give you 60 day access for $60….OR, I can give you 30 day access for $30If any of this is not clear to you, feel free to email me your questions at aa2newyork@aol.com.



I am now working on writing the followers for all 220 Pick 3 box numbers. After I am done with this, I will write “Delta 1: The Follower System“. This will be an introduction to the follower system and how to use it. The list of all 220 followers will be in another book, which will most likely be titled: “Delta 2: The Followers for All 220 Numbers“. THIS book will be costly (at least $129 – but it will be FREE to VIP members). The reason for this is because once you have the list…you have the list. You will not need a program to use the system; you will only need to know the last number that hit your state to know what numbers to play next (awesome, right!?). 

Then I will work on Volume 3: The Straight Number System in Florida.



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