Your Thinking Must be Global – Not Local

Here is an idea that just hit me that explains why getting a hit is so hard for most people.

To win consistently, you have to think globally.

Definition of GLOBAL: Spherical; relating to, or involving the entire world; worldwide. Example:  “a global system of communication.”. Relating to a celestial body (as the moon).

In other words, you have to think in terms of a possible GROUP of numbers that can hit next – not a single number. Most people lose most or all of the time because they are looking for ONE number. Their thinking is local.

Definition of LOCAL: Characterized by or relating to a specific position in space. Having a definite spatial form or location. Relating to or characteristic of a particular place: not general or widespread.

The great thing about the follower system I working on now is that it forces you to think globally. You have to think in terms of what group has the best change of hitting next – not what single number will hit next. That is important for a simple reason; every time you target a specific number, you will be WRONG 90% to  99% of the time (some people have never won so they are wrong 100% of the time). However, when you think in terms of a group of numbers (a group of followers or Super Six list, or a key digit list, etc.), you have a much better chance of hitting. Which of course means that you will have to play more numbers – so it pays to play online (see chapter 6 of Volume 2 for more details on playing online HERE):

The Big Lesson here is this: Your job as a Pick 3 player is to find the best GROUP of numbers that has the best chance of hitting – NOT the best single number. You will be wrong almost every single time you target a specific number.

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