3 Updates to the Follower-1 Book (Amazing!)

The focus of this book is the Follower System. However, at the last minute I decided to also include some powerful strategies and reveal some incredible secrets for the first time. Here are 3 of the updates included in this book.



UPDATE #1: SECRET Revealed: The Delta-3 Number

The information on chapter 21 alone is worth the price of this book! The secret revealed on this chapter is so powerful that I was going to write a separate book on it – but decided to include it on this book at the last minute. In this chapter I reveal something that at first will seem hard to believe – almost impossible actually. In this chapter I will teach you how to extrapolate or pull out ONE number from the list of 60 followers for any number. This one number sometimes hits soon after – sometimes on the very next drawing! I call this number Delta-3 or D3 (for reasons that I will explain in the book). For example, the number 800 hit New York on June 17, 2015. The D3 number for the number 008 (800 in box form) is 349. That’s it, just ONE number. Incredibly, the number 493 hit New York on the very next drawing! This does not happen all the time – but it happens from time to time. Knowing this little secret can be worth a lot of money to those who posses it – and you can only learn this secret in this book because this is the very first time that I am teaching this. Again, what makes this system so powerful is that you are only looking at ONE number. (If you want to guarantee a straight, you would have to play it 6 ways).

UPDATE #2: The Delta-3 Tracking System

I decided to throw in this extra Bonus Chapter as well; how to track the game in your state on a draw to draw basis to always know what is the D3 number for every number that hits your state. This requires carrying out a very specific workout – which I reveal in this book. The D3 number does not always hit, however, this tracking system will also tell you the hottest digits on a draw to draw basis. Knowing what digits will hit next will help you narrow down your playlist.

UPDATE #3: The Delta-3 Project

Finally, by purchasing this book you will get instructions on how you can participate in a multi-state project I will be carrying out to identify D3 numbers in ALL states. The focus of this project will be determining how frequently they hit on a per month basis. Read this book to learn all the exciting details!   

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