“Thats Impossible!!” – 495 in New York (July 11 Midday = Delta-3)

The Follower-1 book should be up on Amazon by Wednesday!


Most of the information in this book is NEW.

I will reveal several SECRETS in this book.

Here is one of them: I will explain how to identify ONE number with a good chance of hitting in the next few drawings.

This is like a ONE number Super Follower.

298 hit New York last Thursday July 9.
The Delta-3 number for 289 is 4-5-9.
This is true for ALL states:
the Delta-3 number for 289 is ALWAYS 4-5-9.

I will explain in this book the exact workout you have to do to get this “super number” for ALL 220 box numbers in the Pick 3 game. Now….tell me what number hit New York yesterday (Saturday July 11) for midday???

495 hit New York yesterday for midday!

I know what you are thinking…..

“Thats impossible!!”

Well…..I just figured out how to do the impossible in the Pick 3 game!

This book will be up on Amazon by Wednesday THIS WEEK!!


NOTE: This is NOT a fluke or coincidence, or something that happens every 6 months. It happens more often than you think!

For example:
022 hit NY on July 8.
The Delta-3 number for 022 is 5-1-6.

615 hit New York on July 9.

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