The Follower-1 Book is Ready!

The Follower-1 Book is Ready!

However, there are some technical difficulties. The problem should be fixed later today hopefully. You can wait for the problem to be fixed…or if you want it right now, you can email me with “F1-$9.99” on the subject line. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $9.99. After I get payment, I will send you the PDF version of the book right away (which actually has better formatting than the Kindle version).

If you buy the Kindle version and you want the PDF version of the book afterwards (which has perfect formatting), just email me the verification code you see on the last page of the book. So put this on the subject line: “Send PDF-(Verification Code here)”. Include your NAME and the DATE you bought the Kindle book in the body of the email. I will send you the PDF version of the book right away.

I have A LOT to say about this book—-just waiting for this problem to be fixed first.

NOTE: This book is BETTER than Volumes 1 and 2 !!

Yea….its THAT Good!

**If you are a VIP member, email me with “VIP—Send F1” on  the subject line and I will email me the PDF version of the book.

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