Good for NY for Saturday July 25 (My Experiment Continues)

Good for NY for Saturday July 25
089 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 134 136
137 138 139 148 149 178 189 234 235 236
237 238 239 245 246 247 248 249 256 258
259 268 269 278 279 289 345 348 349 358
359 (41)

This system is DUE to hit soon. The one good thing about several consecutive losses is that with each passing loss the probability of a win on the next drawing goes up (assuming the system you are using has a track record of hitting consistently in the past). This requires that you play as few numbers as possible to deal with the inevitable losses that come with the game. Based on my back testing, this is a solid system. However, given the fact that 4 days (8 drawings) have gone by without a hit, I now see that I will have to reduce the amount of numbers I am playing; it may have to be less than 22 numbers.

One more thing: I am NOT playing these numbers. I created the system, back tested it, saw that its solid on paper, and now I am running this test LIVE for all to see. I will only put money on it after it has proven itself to work. THAT is the proper way to do things; test the system out in the real world BEFORE you put money on the line. What I am doing here is something I have been teaching for a long time; TEST your system out first before spending any money. (This requires a great deal of patience and self discipline.)

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