ALL 300 Numbers for ALL 15 States (Meta Numbers)


Good Morning Anthony, Well I have a question—I don’t know if I’m missing something–where do I copy numbers from Lottery Post? Daily numbers games? The numbers copy with the table. I know how to convert to text, but it gets out of whack. Unless I”m doing something wrong….I can get them from our state lottery site, but I want to be able to get numbers for all states easily. I hate to bother you with this, but I’m stuck. I APPRECIATE IT!!

I have hyperlinks to all 15 states here:

The only way I know how to do this is by maintaining a document with all the numbers for your state. You update this document every night after the evening drawing (or once or twice a week if you prefer). ENTER THE NEW NUMBERS IN THE FRONT. Whenever you want to know the best straight numbers to play, copy the list onto the Straight Group Matching 300 program (no need to count; copy the entire list; the program will only use the most recent 300 numbers). Then copy the SAME 300 numbers onto the Group Matching program to get the Hotlist. And remember; only use the 4-way, 5-way, 6-way and higher numbers. These numbers are box.

Numbers that are in BOTH the straight list and Hotlist (box) are very special. Actually, I will give these numbers a special name: Meta numbers. These Meta numbers are the absolute best numbers to play.

CLICK BELOW to open a document with the 300 numbers for all 15 states from July 27. You will have to update the list to the present. 


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