803 Hit Virginia Today (List had 308) – NEW 15 Day System!

Three announcements.

First, 803 hit Virginia today and the Straight-2 book had 308. ALSO, the hotlist had 038…making 038 a Meta number (a number that is in both the straight list and the hotlist). In other words, this is one of those MUST PLAY numbers if you play Virginia numbers (and the Straight-2 book only has 3 numbers for Virginia!).


Second, I will be updating my books. As you can see, there is no need to wait for 30 days with these numbers; they start hitting right away! So the next straight books will be good for August 15 to August 31. The next books in the series will good for September 1 to September 15, then September 15 to September 30, and so forth.

Third, I will be creating a system for you to WIN AUTOMATICALLY by using the Blanket Betting strategy I discussed in Volume 2. For these numbers, you basically have to go online, place a blanket bet for a few days, and then forget about it. More details on this system will follow.


I am extending this offer: 4 Books and FREE Access for Just $9.99 !! 

CLICK HERE For Details. 

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