What Does Being A “Pick 3 Scientist” Mean?

Hello  Anthony: I’m planning to become a member of your  $60/month program. I will be glad if you can answer a question or two for me. The question is reading through your cheat sheet, I always come across some of your statements that you can test some numbers with a testing tool. Is there a program that allows one to test some of your systems online? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

You can use any of my programs to test out different strategies. For example, enter the last 10 numbers from a week ago into the Super Six program, then see if any of the numbers hit on the next 1 to 6 drawings. Same thing with the Reference Box programs, the Key Digit programs, the Basic Box, etc. I am personally looking forward to testing out the brand new Revelation 4-60 program, which I posted about last night HERE. (By the way, there will be a 40 number version of this program too).
That is how you learn; by back testing different programs and seeing which numbers hit. For example, I am learning ALOT from the Hit Report for Cheat Sheet-2, which I posted on the bottom of this page (available for FREE HERE).

What exactly did I learn?
1-I learned that most of the hits are coming from the Revelation Box.

2-I learned that almost none of the hits (or very few) came from the Straight numbers (so I may drop these numbers in future Cheat Sheets).

3-I learned that I should provide the playlist of the 5 digits.

4-I learned that I should list the 20 REV-20 numbers.

5-I learned that I should probably use 100 numbers for the PRO number because there were no PRO number for most states, so the new definition of a PRO number would be the hottest number or numbers in the last 100 numbers.
So that is how you learn; you put up numbers based on different programs, then you see what numbers hit.

You keep the best systems/programs/numbers.

And you drop the “losers” or the systems/programs/numbers that do not generate hits or generate very few hits.

(That is what I mean by being a “Pick 3 Scientist” in Volume 1; running tests to identify winning and losing strategies; you keep the best and remove the rest ).


ALL of this means this: You should spend at least 80% of your time studying the numbers and only 20% or LESS actually playing. Most people have this in reverse; which is why they lose most of the time.


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