Cheat Sheet-4 HAS ALREADY HIT (More Hits Are Coming)

I JUST GOT THIS EMAIL: Hello Anthony, I’m very sorry to come to you at this time because of your very busy schedule. But I don’t have any choice but to bother you. The problem is that since I joined, I have yet to win a single pick 3 draw. I need your help here. The help that I need is, for example, Virginia played 082 last night, where do I start? And which systems from should I choose in order to help me reach some sound conclusions? All I’m asking for are the steps to follow, which reports to read, and the best systems to implement in order to make strides towards my goal of getting some win. Thanks for your time.

MY RESPONSE: You have to pay attention to what I post on a day to day basis because it represents the BEST of the best; my latest posts and emails teach you my most advanced strategies. And what have I been posting about lately? That’s right: Master Numbers. And actually, that is all I have on Cheat Sheet-4: Master Numbers for the 23 states that I am currently tracking.


If you have access to my programs, you can use the Revelation 20, 40, 60 programs, enter the LIST-8 numbers into the Group Matching program, and you will get a very short list of numbers to play (I am repeating myself here; see my last few posts).

But actually, in the case of Virginia, you could have gotten a hit yesterday if you had Cheat Sheet-4 (actually, if you had the matching numbers from September 13). Let me show you what I mean. If you have Cheat Cheat-4, go to the Virginia page. You will see this (notice that it uses the numbers from September 13, meaning that technically, the numbers are good starting from the 14th):

VIRGINIA Report for SEPT 15-30
60 Numbers Used Starting from September 13, 2015
027 059 147 678 677 122 459 067 178 019 229 269 035 459 229
169 369 567 366 348 789 566 778 568 258 168 078 015 248 034
179 068 899 024 179 489 899 149 239 335 055 478 157 136 789
136 135 239 014 177 477 269 467 014 058 269 225 256 028 478

LIST-8 3-Way Match: 069 169 (2)
LIST-8 2-Way Match: 068 078 079 168 178 179 (6)

RESULT: 069 hit on the very next drawing in Virginia on September 14.

I am NOT expecting anybody to get this hit because the Sheet came out yesterday (the 15th) – but you can clearly see that these numbers HIT. And also, notice that there were only TWO numbers here that were on all 3 lists: 069 and 169. So this proves that these numbers are hot (I am sure there are other hits; I will have to sit down tonight or tomorrow and check…email me if you see a hit from Cheat Sheet-4 in your state. My email is

WHAT TO DO NOW: Get the LIST-8 from all 3 Revelation programs every night, enter them on the Group Matching System to get the matching numbers, and play them for the next day. If you just want to “wait and see” how they play out and just play on paper, that is fine too.

AGAIN: I will be sending out the Master Numbers for all 23 states on Sunday – but if you have access to my programs, you can get them for your state TODAY. Email me if you have any questions at

ONE MORE THING: If you are desperate for a win because you need to pay your rent or some of your bills, STOP PLAYING. Save your money. I say that because depending on a game of chance to take care of your basic necessities is not a smart thing to do. I will eventually come up with a strategy that will allow you to “win on demand”….but I am not there yet. For now, just do this for fun and for the intellectual challenge (and the occasional win of course). Using Pick 3 to make money consistently WILL come, but it will take some time (just being honest with you here). For now, just focus on the Master Numbers; it is the most powerful strategy I have right now.

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