572 Hit Texas Today. It was on the List I Sent Out Last Sunday Sept 20.

EMAIL I JUST GOT: Anthony I caught the 257bx 50c in Texas this morning. I wanted to get a system around this one that can help me grab them. Is this weekly system your top one? I would like a followers listing also. Thank you for your work. You are a great asset. I’m very appreciative

MY RESPONSE: Congratulations! I have a feeling you will be getting MORE of those hits! I just sent you the invoice for $12. Yes…this is my TOP program right now. I am calling it the 7 Day Club. You will get the numbers for the week emailed to you every Sunday morning (before the book shows up on Amazon). The numbers (only 1 to 8 box numbers) will be good until the following Saturday. You will get a new set of numbers the next day on Sunday morning. (NOTE: 257 was on the list I sent out for Texas last Sunday, Sept 20. 572 hit Texas today, Saturday Sept 26. The numbers I sent out were good for 7 days: Sun Sept 20 to Sat Sept 26). 

It’s only $2.99 per week or $12 per month (or $15 if the month has 5 weeks) to join my 7 Day Club. And I just added a NEW (incredible!!) Bonus to this 7 Day Club; as long as you are a member, you will have 24/7 access to my programs!

EMAIL ME with “7 DAY CLUB” on the subject line if you would like to join TODAY. My email is aa2newyork@aol.com. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $12 right away.  This will cover you from now until the end of October. If you join today, I will email you the list for this coming week tomorrow morning (Sunday Sept 27)!!


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