Sales Letter for 7 DAY NUMBERS-1

Below is the sales letter you will see posted on Amazon for the first book on brand NEW book series: 7 DAY NUMBERS. This new book series replaces the Cheat Sheet. The basic text of this book is the report I sent out last Sunday, Sept 20, so the numbers predicted in this books will look familiar. However, I added the results of the 5 day experiment I ran plus a few other things including (1) a complete explanation of the System that the 7 day numbers are based on (2) the Lessons learned from the 5 day experiment…and a few others you will see below.  



Constant Improvement 

This book series is the result of everything I learned from the previous 4 book series.

First I started out with the Volumes (1 and 2).
Then I wrote the 30 day Straight books.
Then I wrote Followers 1, 2, and 3.
Then I progressed to the 15 Day Cheat Sheet book series.
And now I have this 7 day system

This is what you call PROGRESS!

I learned a great deal writing and reviewing the results of the Cheat Sheets. What I learned made it possible for me to cut down the time period from 15 days down to just 7 days. In other words, I am now giving the numbers I am predicting a shorter time period to hit…and that is a very good thing! The shorter the time period you play any set of numbers, the LESS money you spend playing those numbers and the MORE money you win if you get a hit. Therefore……..

This 7 DAY NUMBERS book series replaces the Cheat Sheet book series.  

This progression is just another example of my guiding philosophy from day one; make progress every day. Keep improving my systems every day. Always keep getting better and better.

My Top System Described in Detail
I start out by describing, in detail, my TOP # 1 system as of September 2015. I have MANY systems floating around in my books, web sites, blog posts, etc. but I have ONE “super system” right now. The 7 DAY NUMBERS are based on this system. Here I will explain the system that these numbers are based on.

In this book you will see the actual numbers I predicted for the week of September 20 to September 26, 2015. You will also learn about a fascinating Pick 3 experiment I carried out during this time and the real world results of that experiment (that is how I learn; by carrying out experiments, posting numbers, and then seeing what actually hits). I will also share with you the very important LESSONS I learned from this experiment.

I will also describe a completely NEW concept: the Unified Number Set. This is the very first time I have discussed this. It looks like these highly “unified” numbers have a higher than average chance of hitting. I will explain what this means in this book.

Special BONUS #1: I will also share with you a brand new service I just set up where I email you the hottest numbers to play in your state EVERY WEEK. I will email you these hot numbers every Sunday. They will be good for 7 days. I will email you another set of numbers the following Sunday, and so forth. Read this book to learn all the exciting details!

Special BONUS #2: This is completely NEW! Learn about the incredible LUCKY 7 Bonus you will get once you join the 7 DAY Club!

NOTE: 7 DAY NUMBERS-2 (good for Sun 27 to Oct 3) will be emailed to 7 Day Club members on Sunday morning (Sept 27) and the Kindle should be up on Amazon on Sunday or Morning. 

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