An Experiment on Due States

I will run an experiment on the 15 states that did not hit. I will assume that the numbers will be played box at for 0.25 cents, which pays $37.50 for a box hit.

There are 26 one-draw state numbers this week, which turns out to be $6.5 per day or $32.5 for the 5 days (you will have to see the book to see the actual numbers).

There are also 67 two-draw state numbers which is $16.75 per draw (67 x 0.25 cents) or $33.5 per day, which is $167.5 for the 5 days ($33.5 x 5).

So the total investment over the 5 days is $200 ($32.5 + $167.5).

All of this means one thing: There must be at least 6 wins ($37.5 X 6 = $225) to show a profit with this strategy.

Let’s see what happens.


VIP and 7 Day Club Members: I will email you the updated Kindle-ready book for this week (with MORE information, strategies, and experiments) later today or tomorrow. 

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