NEW Book! Coming Soon


BOOK DESCRIPTION: I have MANY systems floating around in my books, reports, web sites, blog, etc. but I have ONE “super system” right now. The 7 DAY NUMBERS are based on this system. This is my #1 system as of October 2015. I explain that system in detail in this book. To be honest, I have discussed this system in other books – but I did not go into detail into the two foundational programs my top system is based on: the Reference and Revelation Boxes. In this book I explain these two boxes in great detail. I discuss the three positions (first, second, third) individually and show you WHY the digits in those positions are there…for both boxes. Let me get more specific. In this book I discuss the following topics:

  • A complete explanation of the Reference Box.

  • The Revelation Box: The improved Reference Box.

  • How the digits in the first, second, and third positions are selected.

  • How the Revelation Box is different from the Reference Box.

  • The Secret behind my Top System (Very Important).

  • Where LIST-8 comes from.

  • The Box Positional Control program.

  • The Revelation 20, 40, and 60 programs.

  • The Group Matching program.

  • Why you should not count numbers with certain programs.

  • Useful Tips when recording numbers in Word.

  • Entering both midday and evening numbers.

  • The 8 State Rule.

  • My Secret Weapon (NEW!)

If you pay attention to the 7 DAY NUMBERS, you will notice that THEY HIT.

WHY do they hit?

WHAT makes these numbers so special?

Read this book to find out!

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