“I never hit Pick 3…”

EMAIL I JUST GOT: Good morning my friend. I never hit Pick 3 or Pick 4 and I spend lots of money every day and am tired of losing.

MY RESPONSE: Stop playing.

Only play on paper.

Track the numbers the way I teach in Secrets-2….Or use the 7 Day Number system. Or use any other system or combination of systems.

Playing on paper means that after every drawing (or every night) you will write down what you think will hit next based on whatever system or systems you are using. Do the best you can.

Then compare what hits with your prediction.

What did you LEARN?

Repeat the process every day: write your prediction for the next drawing or the next day.

Keep doing this every day. Always compare what actually hit with your prediction and learn from it.

Keep doing this until you get 5 hits on paper.

After you get these 5 hits on paper…then and only then can you play for real (with real money).

I will be honest with you: getting these 5 hits on paper can take you several MONTHS. So you will have to be committed to this and be patient. There are no shortcuts to get good at Pick 3; you have to put in the work. However, the longer you do this (predict, compare, learn, repeat…) the better and better you will get at predicting numbers. You will automatically improve every day, every week, and every month.

***And this is Very Important***
If you can NOT get 5 hits on paper….You should NOT be playing with real money. Period.

The Pick 3 Coach

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