I Hit 381 Straight in New York Today

It finally happened!!

I hit 381 straight in New York today!

I won $225 (I had a 0.25 straight bet on it at 5dimes.com). I have been playing the numbers for the top 3 codes in New York for 2 weeks now. These 3 hot codes are 212, 314, and 432…which gave these three numbers for this week (based on the last 60 numbers for New York from last Saturday, April 30, the same 60 numbers in Book 33):

Code 212 = Number 138
Code 314 = Number 234
Code 432 = Number 558

138 hit New York today as 381.

This is the Straight Number System I have been talking about in the last few 7 Day Books: you take the top 3 codes and play the corresponding numbers 6 ways, which give you 18 straight numbers to play for the week. 

So it WORKS!!!

I don’t have a screen capture function on my home computer..but I do at work; I will be sending out a screenshot of my 5dimes back office showing my hit on Monday morning!

I am SO HAPPY I got this win!

It shows that this Coding System works!

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