Pick 4 Programs May End Up Being VIP-Only Programs

Just a heads up; I will be putting up several Pick 4 programs up on Pick3programs.com in the next few weeks. Right now they are accessible to anyone who has access. So for $12 (price to join the 7 Day Club) you can use all the programs. However, I am seeing some incredible stuff developing in the Pick 4 game. For example, if I identify a group of hot Pick 4 codes, I will only play those codes that give me numbers with double digits (0122, 1366, 4588, 2355, etc.) because this means that I will only have to play them 12 ways to play them straight (4x3x1x1) as opposed to 24 ways (4x3x2x1). Now, check this out:

12 straight Pick 4 numbers X 0.25 cents X 14 drawings = $42.

Ok; so you invest $42 for the week to play 12 Pick 4 straight numbers.

Guess how much you will win when you get a hit?

$2,250 !!

Isn’t that crazy? 

You invest $42 and you win $2,250 !!

Invest 0.50 cents on the numbers ($84 for the week) and you win $4,500.

And at $1 a number ($168 for the week), you are looking at a $9,000 payday!!

Right now this is just a theory – but if this proves to be correct, I will move the Pick 4 programs to the VIP section. VIP membership is $60 a month.

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